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‘Massive violence centering Jail-Bharo-Andolon’, alleges CPI-M
TIWN Aug 9, 2018
‘Massive violence centering Jail-Bharo-Andolon’, alleges CPI-M
PHOTO : Khet Mazdoor President Narayan Kar addressing media. TIWN Pic Aug 9

AGARTALA, Aug 9 (TIWN): CPI-M’s farmer unit and Trade Union leaders have condemned the attacks held upon opposition CPI-M in various parts of the state during ‘Jail-Bharo-Andolon’ of Thursday.

CPI-M leader, Khet-Mazdoor President of Tripura Unit, Narayan Kar has slammed the ruling BJP for increasing attacks upon the CPI-M activists which had increased recently centering the ‘Jail-Bharo-Andolon’.

Addressing media, Narayan Kar said that since few days CPI-M activists were attacked, threatened not to attend in Jail-Bharo-Andolon, which was however a nationwide protest.

Across the country public have given huge responses to the ‘Jail-Bharo’ movement. 

“Since 3 days South Tripura, Gomati District, a part of West District, Khowai District mostly were attacked. BJP’s bike-group comprising of 40-50 people have threatened people and today during Jail Bharo movement, massive attacks were done”, Kar said.

 It can be noted here that at least 10 party activists were injured in CPI-M led Jail-Bharo-Andolon on Thursday in Agartala, among them two are women. They have been admitted in IGM hospital.

Apart from Agartala, CPI-M  Belonia office was attacked more than 2 times even though no party progarmme was conducted at there.

CPI-M State Secretary Bijan Dhar said that since yesterday especially in Gandacherra strait warnings were given for not to conduct any protest at there. Such threats came across the state. 

The State Secretary also alleged CPI-M activists at Kanchanpur were attacked, stone pelted when police arrested them after protest. 

In Amarpur subdivision’s Taidu, the protest was stopped saying no protest can be done at there, alleged Bijan Dhar.

"In Udaipur on yesterday night various attacks have been reported. At Dharmanagar also same condition is going on and people today at there were stopped to come in Agartala to join the protest", said State Secretary of CPI-M.

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