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‘Coupon’ system begins in Tripura CM's Janata Durbar : MGNREGA irregular staffs meet CM, demand regularization
TIWN June 13, 2018
‘Coupon’ system begins in Tripura CM's Janata Durbar : MGNREGA irregular staffs meet CM, demand regularization
PHOTO : People standing in rows to meet CM at Janata Durbar. TIWN Pic June 13

AGARTALA, June 13 (TIWN): Biplab Deb led new BJP Govt’s initiatives generated hopes among thousands of MGNREGA workers but how much help actually Govt can do to restore their livelihood is still a challenge. Crowds of Janata Durbar turning heavy upon the Chief Minister at the 3 months of Govt’s formation. With this, the lasting of Janata Durbar has been put on question mark as instead of Chief Minister today one official was present representing CM led the complainers much resented. Today MGNREGA’s irregular staffs who were appointed by the CPI-M Govt before 12 years had arrived in front of CM’s residence, some of them called TIWN office that ‘they couldn’t meet CM’ but immediately the MGNREGA workers Association officially denied the allegation, saying CM met them and talked to them positively. Declining a group of verbal orators among their group, General secretary of All Tripura MGNREGA Employee Welfare Association )ATMEWA)Abhijit Ghosh told TIWN, “CM met us today morning and gave positive remarks. Not only us, CM met everybody were present in that Janata Durbar”.

MGNREGA employees also demanded regularization in CPI-M Govt’s time and held various protests. The new Chief Minister Biplab Deb has told the employees, govt to look after the issue surely.

Today a huge numbers of complainers have arrived to meet the Chief Minister with their problems.

Held three times in a week, the Janata Durbar which directly connects the masses with the Chief Minister till day has been popular. Tripura's other Ministers also conduct Janata Durbar often, but CM's Janata Durbar is listed 3 times in a week.

Issues as fraud certificate beneficiaries, health issues were raised, whereas today also in Janata Durbar similar issues were placed before the Chief Minister. Amid all the issue, land related issues are coming at the highest number. 

But today it has been revealed that to control the crowd, CM has introduced coupon system so that hurdles can be controlled.

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