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Deadlock in ‘Biplab’s Ram Rajjya’: No Solution in sight ! Ego fights, clashes continue among BJP-IPFT ! IPFT demands ‘New Policy’ for power distribution
TIWN May 16, 2018
Deadlock in ‘Biplab’s Ram Rajjya’: No Solution in sight  ! Ego fights, clashes continue among BJP-IPFT ! IPFT demands ‘New Policy’ for power distribution
PHOTO : IPFT President NC Debbarma addressing media. TIWN Pic May 16

AGARTALA, May 16 (TIWN): Party cadres violent clashes, infighting mars 2 months old unholy alliance between BJP and IPFT. The Ego clashes between BJP and IPFT continues after two months of the BJP-IPFT Govt formation. Whether to "break" alliance with BJP or to "carry on", it couldn’t be finalized by the IPFT leaders even today. After 4 to 5 hours long meeting at Nazrul Kalakshetra, IPFT President N C Debbarma said, “We will appeal the Govt of Tripura to temporarily stop all post allocations of BAC chairpersons in various blocks.

Also we demand a common policy for such kinds of power-distributions among BJP and IPFT. After placing our demands, we will see what the Govt replies”. However, with that much of resolution the IPFT has ended today's meeting and now have put all duties upon the BJP Govt.  

Noteworthy, the ongoing BJP, IPFT's clashes are now in national media's limelight too. Within 2 months of the election, such ongoing clashes among BJP and IPFT has become merely a 'joke' when before election BJP was slamming the CPI-M for its 'failure' to become 'close' to the deprived tribals.

But when IPFT itself formed a government in Tripura and fighting against the govt itself, the alliance between two parties have become a contrast inside , provoking laughter among mass.

Already the clash was highlighted in national media, indicating the failure of Biplab Deb led Govt's failure to manage things.

Today’s meeting was called following the ideological differences and ongoing clashes between these two parties.

However, it was reported that amid the ongoing tensions among the BJP and IPFT, the IPFT Chief NC Debbarma is ready to settle-down the issues and continue the alliance with ruling BJP. Not only 5 years, IPFT is ready to continue alliance for 15 years, even 20 years but things should be under control.  

Recently following various clashes and road blockades led by IPFT demanding IPFT-dominated ADC, the relation between IPFT and BJP worsened. The Chief Minister Biplab Deb also has telephoned the IPFT Chief N C Debbarma to settle down issues as they are in ‘alliance’.

The main issue was raised after BJP Govt appointed BJP tribal leaders as ADC area's blocks BAC Chairpersons. According to IPFT, BJP leaders or any other as INPT can’t rule any block in ADC. Various road blockade, strikes were staged in protest by the IPFT.

The matters have turned so worse that the parties are thinking to break the alliance. However, right now the IPFT will wait for BJP Govt’s answer to their demands.


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