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Pathetic condition of Chabimura tourist spot
TIWN April 17, 2018
Pathetic condition of Chabimura tourist spot
PHOTO : Pathetic condition of Chabimura tourist spot. TIWN Pic April 17

AGARTALA, April 17 (TIWN): Pathetic condition of Chabimura tourist spot are resenting the tourists.

Allegation raised that since decades, under the Left Govt the tourist spot even after having much potentialities had turned a neglected spot. 

The arts and paintings over the hills are also becoming invisible due to lack of maintenance at there, even though the new BJP Govt has given a special focus on this and claimed to renovate Chabimura as Tripura's best tourist spot.

Chabimura is located on the Gomati river's both sides at Amarpur. The rocks had been painted with beautiful arts and designs. It surprises, how the painting on such high rocks on river side was done.

But the roadway of Amarpur is pathetic. The drinking water facility is also in worse shape. 

Recently, Tripura Tourism Minister Pranajit Singha Roy announced, Amarpur located Chabimura will be one of the highly focused area under state tourism dept.

“Govt is thinking over how to make Matabari and Chabimura more tourist friendly. Soon, govt to take initiative for tourists' interests”, Roy said.

Chabimura is famous for its panels of rock carvings on the steep mountain wall on the bank of Gomati. There are huge images carved of Shiva, Vishnu, kartika, Mahisasurmardini Durga and other Gods and goddesses. These images date back to 15th-16th centuries AD. Chabumura is 30 km away from Udaipur and   12 km from Amarpur Sub-Division. These beautiful images are curved with a lot of dexterity on the rocky faces of Devtamura which is steep at 90 degrees. The hill ranges are covered with thick jungles and one can reach this abode of gods only after trekking through these jungles. 

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