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Tripura demands direct import of Hilsa fish from Bangladesh : Export-Import policies demand revision
TIWN April 16, 2018
Tripura demands direct import of Hilsa fish from Bangladesh : Export-Import policies demand revision

AGARTALA, April 16 (TIWN): Tripura Commerce body has demanded direct legal export of Hilsa fish via Indo-Bangla border of Tripura, as much favourite Hilsa fishes have now turned most costly in the markets. Demands have placed by the Tripura Commerce body already to the state Govt and at the Govt level, talks are going on with Bangladesh Govt. But there is no much development in the export trade of Tripura, as Bangladesh Govt is cold to response on the proposed 'removal of restriction on export from Tripura to Bangladesh'. Talking TIWN, Tripura Industry & Commerce President M L Debnath said, "Talks are going on at the govt level but there is no much outcomes of the attempts yet. However, the matter will be pushed to the Bangladesh Govt in coming days".

On yesterday, during NITI forum led meeting, Tripura CM raised the issue of removing restriction on export from Tripura to Bangladesh. Among the 23 demands, placed before the DoNER Minister on yesterday the 16th was "Removal of restriction on export from Tripura to Bangladesh". 

"Due to thenon-tariff barrier of restriction on export of certain commodities through the LCSs of Tripura to Bangladesh, the export from Tripura is getting hampered, which in turn is effecting the entire trade scenario with Bangladesh and the entire foreign trade is mostly in favour of Bangladesh with total value of import of Rs. 300.23 cr and the export to the Bangladesh of only Rs. 4.60 cr during 2016-17. All these items are allowed to be exported to Bangladesh through other LCS of the country except Tripura", CM told the NITI Aayog forum. 

However, since the beginning of export-import business in 1994, Indo-Bangla trades were benefiting only the Bangladesh Govt, whereas in exchange there was hardly any 'piece of cake' left for businessmen here, which is one of the major reason behind state like Tripura's poor revenue income.

The reason behind is mainly Bangladesh govt's heavy restriction upon Indian exports at the cost of India's heavy relaxations to Bangladesh in custom duties.

Recently, addressing media, Tripura Industry & Commerce President ML Debnath today said, "The reason behind Tripura's poor performance in export business is nothing but Bangladesh Govt's too much restriction to receive goods via Tripura border". At the same the Dept's President also has requested the Govt of India to solve the complications by holding a talk with the Govt of Bangladesh.

"There is a great trade imbalance between Tripura and Bangladesh . Whereas Bangladesh income via Tripura has been Rs. 350 crores, at the same time Tripura's income via Bangladesh is less than a crore, indeed Rs. 80 lakhs hardly. The cause behind it is the heavy restrictions by the Bangladesh govt. Whereas high custom duty has been imposed by the Bangladesh Govt, India in return has laid almost no duty for them. The custom duty imposed upon India begins from 40 % at minimum, which goes above 100 %", Debnath said.

The President of the Dept has demanded cooperation from the Bangladesh Govt and urged Govt of India to look into the matter.

ML Debnath also has demanded to promote the legal Hilsa fish business by Bangladesh Govt.

Two lists have been given, in demand of removal of port restriction for export through Akhaura land port :

First list : 1) Rubber (all product), 2) Bamboo products (including bamboo sticks for agarbatti manufacturing), 3)Tea, 4) Cashew nut, 5)Arjun flowers (broom), 6) Readymade garments including handloom products, 7) spares parts of cars, 8) Electric and Electronic items (including home appliances), 9) Bicycle, 10) Two wheelers and auto mobile (three, four and multi wheeler).

2nd list :  1) Cosmetics, 2) old car, 3) CNG Spares, 4) Paper, 5) sugar, 6) marble stone, 7) generators, 8) broken glass, 9) chocolate, 10) soya bean, 11) steel and steel products, 12 ) baby whisper, 13) confectionary, 14) salt, 15) maize, 16) bitumen, 17) stone bolder.

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