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Demand list expanding before BJP Govt : Terminated 156 RMSA staffs demand re-appointments
TIWN March 11, 2018
Demand list expanding before BJP Govt : Terminated 156 RMSA staffs demand re-appointments
PHOTO : Terminated 156 RMSA staffs demand re-appointments. TIWN Pic March 11

AGARTALA, March 11 (TIWN): Just one day has gone that BJP Govt has assumed the charge and before the Govt 10323 teachers and fixed paid employees started to remind the govt about its pre-poll promises. With that RMSA's non-teaching staffs have now added their names in the demand-list. Tripura's terminated 156 laboratory assistants and computer operators recruited under Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyaan (RMSA) who since two and half years are protesting to get back their jobs, with the new govt has come in power led by the BJP, today hs called a press conference congratulating the BJP-Govt for assuming charges. But at the same time the terminated staffs have demanded their jobs back, which they had lost before two and half year under the CPI-M Govt.

All the RMSA workers to raise voice against the decision of the state government and will demand justice for them.

Today meeting the new BJP CM Biplab Deb, the 156 staffs placed their demand for getting back their jobs.

In 2010 -11 and 2011 -12, the state government appointed the 156 RMSA staff but since their terminations, the CPI-M government has been busy in accusing the central government for this termination of 156 RMSA workers for fund paucity.

Noteworthy, the ruling Left Front government had terminated 156 non – teaching staff of Rashtirya Madhyamik Shiskha Abhyjaan (RMSA). A notice of their termination was issued to them by RMSA Mission Director P. Goyal. The notification stated that the centre have stopped funds for all the terminated non – teaching staffs. The left front government always claims that they will stand by them in future on time of crisis, but the termination of 156 lab assistant and LDC of RMSA sent a message to other centrally sponsored project that the left front government will not take any responsibility in case stopping of funds from the central.

Allegedly, the state government is solely responsible for the termination of non – teaching RMSA staffs.  Question raised whether no staff was terminated anywhere in the country, then why will the centre has terminated only those 156 workers in the state ? The Left Govt was not ready to accept any 'irregularities' in recruitment done by them.

Now it's to be seen after they have placed demands to the BJP Govt, what result comes out.

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