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Adityanath invites Manik Sarkar in UP after Election : U.P. CM mocks Tripura CM’s impending arrest in Rose Valley Chit Fund case
TIWN Feb 13, 2018
Adityanath invites Manik Sarkar in UP after Election : U.P. CM mocks Tripura CM’s impending arrest  in Rose Valley Chit Fund case
PHOTO : Yogi Adityanath entering BJP's Headquarter to hold press conference. TIWN Pic Feb 13

AGARTALA, Feb 13 (TIWN): Blowing a sting of Rose Valley chit fund to Manik Sarkar, Gautam Das, Bijita Nath, the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Adityanath Yogi and BJP State Observer Sunil Deodhar have invited the CPI-M leaders to fly to Uttar Pradesh after the election. "Before giving examples of Uttar Pradesh's Law and Order during CPI-M's election rallies in Tripura, Manik Sarkar must visit UP to see the development held in last 10 months under the BJP Govt", Yogi said. The issue was raised by state media regarding Tajmahal, as CPI-M is claiming that under UP CM Adityanath Yogi Tajmahal is under danger. Replying media inquiries, Yogi said, "We have sanctioned 370 crores for developing Tajmahal-centering business. I invite him to come in Uttar Pradesh and see the beauty". Sunil Deodhar in addition said, "Basically after election, Manik Sarkar will not have any work to do except travelling here an there, till he is arrested in Chit Fund case".

Yogi was addressing media at Krishnanagr Party Office in Agartala today morning along with Sunil Deodhar, Ashok Sinha.

Rose Valley Chit fund, which looted 14 lakhs people's savings, was one of the keys of BJP's politics against CPI-M and CBI has already interrogated Minister Bijita Nath, CPI-M topmost leader Gautam Das in this case. But in counterattacks CPI-M was mentioning about Sarada tainted Himanta Biswa Sarma and Mukul Roy like persons in BJP. 

On June 29, 2017 CBI had interrogated Minister Bijita Nath for an hour and half at Civil Secretariat in her chamber. CPI-M topmost leader Gautam Das was also interrogated by CBI in his newspaper office. Minister Bijita Nath has been the chief accused among the ruling Govt for her active involvement in Rose Valley chit fund scam, who herself was a depositor of the company.CBI’s East Zone HQ Kolkata official Bratin Ghosh had interrogated her at Civil Secretariat. Recently BJP has written letters to CBI giving all evidences of Rose Valley, accusing Manik Sarkar’s chief involvement in chit fund scam but then due to election hours all proceedings have have postponed.

On the other side, CPI-M State Secretary Bijan Dhar replying to Chit Fund allegation of BJP against CPI-M, said, "Who is telling whom, when BJP itself is sheltering scamsters in the party". 


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