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'India's Economy will be the strongest in World with Modi's Sab-Ka-Sath, Sab-Ka-Bikas' : Yogi
TIWN Feb 12, 2018
'India's Economy will be the strongest in World with Modi's Sab-Ka-Sath, Sab-Ka-Bikas' : Yogi
PHOTO : Uttar Pradesh CM Adityanath Yogi at Dharmanagar. TIWN Pic Feb 12

DHARMANAGAR, Feb 12 (TIWN): India's economy will become the strongest economy of the world", such has been claimed by Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Adityanath Yogi in his Tripura visit. "As you know, India's fortune is continuously changing and progressing under PM Modi. The way India's economy is progressing, we are confident that India will become the strongest Economic country the world. Modi is going ahead with his Sab-Ka-Sath-Sab-ka-Bikash policy with a global recognition for India", said Yogi. "I in the morning I came from Uttar Pradesh to Tripura. I first prayed to Goddess here and attended the rally. I congratulate the people here, who have decided to make BJP Govt here amid tough situations the state is undergoing", added Yogi.Yogi was addressing at Dharmanagar, North Tripura after attending a road-show here with MLA Biswabandhu Sen.

Yogi further said, "Modi Ji has started a new Economic move to develop the whole nation. BJP since 2013 has begun move of Sab-Ka-Sath, Sab-Ka-Bikas and this the way that India is proceeding towards". 

"Jan Dhan Yojna was to develop the country equally with everyone under Sab-Ka-Sath, Sab-Ka-Bikas Policy. But instead of developing the state,  the State Govt in Tripura was playing with the emotion of the common people. Loots has been continuing in the name of MGNREGA and other central schemes", said Yogi. 

"Tripura is very important for us. The state has high potentialities and we want to make Tripura a model of developed state which will be contributing a huge to the state in the coming days", Yogi said.


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