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TV actor Abhishek Nigam trains in acrobatics for superhero role
TV actor Abhishek Nigam trains in acrobatics for superhero role

Mumbai, Oct 30 (TIWN) Actor Abhishek Nigam, who plays the lead role in the upcoming TV show, Hero: Gayab Mode On, and is currently learning acrobatics for the role.

“I have been training in acrobatics and gymnastics as the role requires me to perform a lot of stunts. I am also working on my body, to get it in shape as I have been enjoying chhole bhature and other delicious food during the lockdown,” he laughed.  “I get up at 4:30am, train, go to shoot, come back and work out. I want to do justice to this character with my acting as well as my physical appearance, and am fully committed to it,” he added.  Talking about his role, Abhishek said: “This role is a little challenging as the character has two very different layers. As Veer, he is a very caring and a responsible family guy. Circumstances have led him to be a father figure for his sisters, who he loves dearly. However, when he becomes a superhero, his personality takes a complete turn. Hero is a little notorious and has a good sense of humour. The one thing common in both Veer and Hero is that both of them share the same heart, always thinking of people’s good.”

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