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'Nothing happens with degrees and sitting with high Official Ranks' : Tripura CM's second jab to IAS, IPS & Govt Officers
TIWN April 16, 2018
'Nothing happens with degrees and sitting with high Official Ranks' : Tripura CM's second jab to IAS, IPS & Govt Officers
PHOTO : Tripura CM inaugurating 'Graduation ceremony of Enthusiastic Youths of Various Skilling Sectors'. TIWN Pic April 16

AGARTALA, April 16 (TIWN): Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb, who is also known for calling IPS, IAS officers directly with their surnames instead of using any "Mr" or "Sir" while addressing them, today while speaking at Pragna Bhawan in the 'Graduation ceremony of Enthusiastic Youths of Various Skilling Sectors' organised by Tata Trust, he claimed, "Nothing happens with degrees if you don't have common sense". "What does happen with degrees ?”. Earlier in the same hall, CM in front of Govt officers said, “Govt jobs can’t develop a society ! Rather Govt jobs are expenditure”. “Various IAS, IPS Officers are here today from Delhi, including Chief Secretary and Principal Secretary to help all. They are sitting only but the directions are being given by leaders who can utilize own skill and make own direction", CM said. "Everyone should have common sense, including politicians. What to speak where, When to speak what only Common sense will tell you", he added. This is the second hit of the BJP CM to high officials after he suspended openly one TCS Officer at Gandacherra before media and mass.

CM was openly found calling IAS officers as Nagaraji, Ramteke. Even recently in a meeting it was seen that a journalist and CM were sitting in sofas, whereas Millind Ramteke was in a Stool !

Before Biplab Deb was in power, the then CPI-M Chief Minister Manik Sarkar also used to address many of IAS, IPS with their surnames and some of them secretly mentioned their resentments with that.

When, the issue has been raised, debate on who is more powerful among a Politician and an IAS Officer it must be mentioned here that the IAS, IPS, IRS or other officers implement the laws, but not the Politicians. 

"The CM/PM of today may become nobody tomorrow but the officers would be here for 35-37 years, if they observe the laws and procedures and exercise their power in fair and just manner.  The political masters have to work only with them and not by themselves", an IAS MN Buch, MP cadre said once in a lecture.

When one goes through the fine prints of the law, s/he will find that rarely the power is given to a politician (including CM) and all the power is vested with the officers. For example, in Customs and Central Excise department, all refunds have to be given by the Assistant Commissioner level officer (or above) even if the amount is 1000 Crores. If he refuses to sanction or reject the refund, even a FM or a PM can’t sanction it. One has to then go to Commissioner (Appeals) for sanction it and then to Tribunal/High Court/Supreme Court. The Ministers have no power to sanction any refund or give any permission or sanction unless these power are specifically vested to them by the laws passed by the Parliament. They can’t even give any written or oral direction to an officer to perform the function in a particular way. 

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